Wholegarment machine

Nr 14 – Shima Seiki MACH 2X

for finesses 15 and 

Nr 20 – Shima Seiki NEW SESS SWG

for finesses 15 and

Nr 22 – Shima Seiki MACH 2VS

for finesses 10 and

The machine department is supported by a skilled team of inspection, revision, and mending always in operation to ensure the best possible quality.

Design and programming department

2 SDS-ONE APEX workstations for planning, designing, programming, colorway, and realistic fabric simulation up to sampling.

The programming department uses the ShimaKnitPLM system to enable seamless data transfer between systems, automating the workflow and reducing manual labor, including data entry for every segment of the production process. This ensures high levels of traceability and increased productivity.