While traditional knitwear is produced by sewing together flat parts, fully-fashioned knitwear is created in three dimensions, wrapping around the body for a perfect fit. By eliminating seams that interfere with the elasticity of the knit, fully-fashioned knitwear offers ideal comfort.

Wholegarment knitwear is entirely produced on a knitting machine. It can be described as a 3D printer for fabrics.

The garment is created with the minimum amount of material needed. There is no waste due to cutting fabric pieces as in conventional knitting, making it the ultimate eco-friendly knitwear.

The garment is made in three dimensions, so it wraps around you in perfect comfort, offering the potential to explore new designs and stitches, as well as a lightness, thinness, and drape that were not possible before.


Malitex has always believed in this technology, specializing in the production of high-quality garments. Thanks to our highly skilled team, who work with passion and dedication, we ensure the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction.

We have a wide range of fully-fashioned knitting machines, which allow us to produce garments in various materials, from cotton to wool, from cashmere to viscose. All of our machines have been selected to guarantee maximum precision and speed, and are constantly updated to maintain the highest level of efficiency and reliability.

Our in-house program creation center allows us to develop designs and patterns for each new product quickly and accurately. This allows us to maintain a high level of flexibility and offer a complete service to our customers, from design to final production.